Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What you can make out of 2 T-Shirts

Ever wonder what you could do with those T-shirts you have laying around the house that you just can't seem to part with. However there is no way you are going to wear them in there current state because they are so frumpy looking. Well my good friend T-Ra shared a very interesting book with me on Saturday when we had our little crafting get together.

I created this cute little Goofy Bag out of 2 used T-shirts that where no longer in use. It's all made by hand, no machine use.

Tools you will need:
2 used T-shirts
chalk or some type of non permanent marker/pencil
needle & thread

Start by laying the 2 T-shirts flat on the floor and measuring a 18" x 13" square, cut through both layers of the 2 shirts. If there is a pattern on the shirt make sure you have it centered around the image you would like on the bag but leave more space towards the top as you will later have to fold and sew the area for the straps to come through.

Once you have cut the squares from the shirt lay them so the image you want on the outside is facing inward (position inside out).

Using needle and thread sew along both sides and bottom using a whip stitch.

Next turn the top over with enough room to run the straps
through. Sew around.

Turn bag right side out.

Cut a small slit on left and right back side of top hem that you have just sewn.

Cut 2 48" long and 1 3/4" thick straps from remainder of T-shirt fabric.

Thread first strap through slit on left side of back hem all the way around and back out same slit. Do the same with the Right side.

Poke 2 holes in the bottom corners of bag. Thread straps through and tie knot so they are positioned on front side of bag.

Well I hope you enjoy this pattern, it was fun to do and did not take that long.