Thursday, December 28, 2006

Scarf & Hat Set

Okay, so I have not posted anything in a while. There is a good reason though. Mainly everything I have made was intended as a Christmas gift, and I'm not one for ruining the surprise. So I will start posting what I've made over the last month and a half now.

The items I'm most proud of are the scarf and Hat Set's that I made for each of my 3 sisters. I used the Bernat: Super Stripes yarn and the free pattern that comes with it.

The really nice thing about the Bernat: Super Stripes yarn is that it makes it seem like you have crochet this intricate pattern with two shades of yarn, when really it's just variegated yarn.

I made all 3 scarf & Hat sets using different shades. The one my sister is wearing is black & white, the other photo is of the black & sea, I still need to get a photo of the black and pink one. I find the colours are bright and eye catching. The pattern was easy enough to follow, but the yarn being bulky makes the first row more difficult when your trying to crochet into the back chain.

It's a great project for a beginner though once you are familiar with the double crochet stitch, as it's a very rewarding project.